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Special News

Normally I have photos of some of my work posted here, but I wanted to introduce a special project of mine. It is Behind the 4 Elements, and I used Kickstarter to help fund the creation of this new interactive work. Check out the video for this Kickstarter project in our new A/V Archives.

The Beagle Dog and I also created a YouTube video for introducing the piece and aiding in our venue search. We hope you like it.

Origins & Purpose

The first creative melding of art, education and craftsmanship came with the patent pending work Sunset for the Sighted, Sunrise for the Blind. This conceptual work is a three foot by four foot oil on canvas painting of a sunset. Behind individual areas of color are devices that heat those areas to certain temperature ranges. This concept allows a blind audience to interpret color through the differences in temperature in individual areas of color.

In addition to a response from the visually impaired / blind communities, this work has been well received among the autistic, those with various learning impairments, children in general, and anyone wishing to step beyond that velvet rope at the museum and become involved with the art, artist and the creative process.

touching sunset for the sighted, sunrise for the blind

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