2nd Generation Artwork

Reclaim, Recycle, Rework

green art

Second Generation Artwork comes from reclaimed or recycled materials. Some of these pieces also may be "reworked"; an old piece has been refitted, repainted, cleaned, refinished, REWORKED. We applaud all of the efforts by those that are aiming for a more sustainable lifestyle, and we want to do our part by adding functional artistic pieces and reworked fine art to the recycled mix.

tri level table


These pieces may be reclaimed, recycled, or reworked, but there is still an artistic design element to these functional pieces of furniture.

second generation print


Reworked prints and canvases add new dimensions and depth. We can also add a new dimension to pieces that you may already own.

trash can two


These pieces may be reclaimed, recycled, and reworked with a similar design form as the furniture, but they are also functional (just on a smaller scale).

These pieces are made from reclaimed or recycled materials. If you would like to donate materials, this is greatly appreciated and can serve as an opportunity towards a discount on your next Hot and Cold Art purchase.