The Artist / Creator of Hot and Cold Art

the artist, sean

My name is Sean Logan, and I started as an artist in grade school. The class was assigned projects to reproduce works of masters in different media. My choice was that of Monet's Water Lily Pond, and my media were pastel and paper. Throughout high school I had little active training in artistic ventures. I dabbled in photography and drawing. It was at St. Louis University that I received a more formal artistic training as a political science major. --Insert inquisitive ironic expression here.--

My original tertiary education was intended to be that of food preparation and the culinary arts, but I was encouraged to attend a university. In 2000, I entered SLU with the thought of utilizing my creative mindset in the field of bio-medical engineering with the eventual goal of medical school. Deterred by the linear thought patterns of engineering, I switched political science because what other field is more scatter-brained the politics?

After taking an introductory painting studio class I was encouraged to pursue more artistic ventures and rekindle my internal creative process. After having a few conversations with Professor Ted Wood (should you be a student of art at SLU, take whatever classes they may offer of this professor) about work I had completed outside of the class, I realized that I had an actual aptitude for painting as a form of creation.

Over the past few years, I have realized further that I have a fondness and propensity for creating. It may be food, websites, interactive-paintings, furniture or something else. I simply enjoy the process of realized creativity. I implore you to explore your own enjoyment of creativity, whether it be yours, mine or someone else's creative work.