Artist's Statement

Hello Everyone, I would like to introduce Hot and Cold Art. We do a lot of things here, including:

We also have begun 2nd Generation artistic works. These pieces are made from recycled and reclaimed materials. Really, there are few things we do not do at Hot and Cold Art.

What is the difference between myself and the others?

Well, creativity is personal, both for the artist and for YOU as the client. The majority of work is made to order for YOU. ALL prints are made specifically for you. We also believe that creative minds should collaborate.

If you have an idea of your own, whether it be a chair, a keepsake box, black and white photo, or canvas print, we can put it to fruition for you.

If you want to create something by yourself, yet you need an extra hand, I have extensive teaching and coaching backgrounds with people of all age groups and various cultural backgrounds and languages. I have been an educational influence in corporate workshops as well as children's classrooms.

Hot and Cold Art also works within your budget. You can spend less here than you do on your child's allowance, but you may also completely outfit the walls and floors of your corporate headquarters.

Whatever creative wonder you have been looking for or dreaming up, we can help you find it.

Thanks for stopping by,

Sean A. Logan

Creationary, Hot and Cold Art