The Company

The idea and namesake of Hot and Cold Art can be traced back to the winter of 2003-2004 when I came up with the concept of Sunset for the Sighted, and Sunrise for the Blind. I have the desire to provide services to those that may not ordinarily receive consideration in certain fields (a), and I have a passion for learning how others learn and relate to each other (b). With some formal instruction on art forms, I completed the equation, and a + b = my first interactive work.

This work has begun to broaden itself into other interactive pieces and other audiences. Sunset for the Sighted, Sunrise for the Blind may have been conceived on the dawn of two-dimensional art for a blind audience, but this work has received praise and recognition from additional audiences. People who found museums to be exclusive and cold, can now cross that velvet roped barrier between the artist's work and mind and the audience's experience. The creative process should not end at the last brush stroke or drying of paint. Critique, comment, and corporeal experiences should also be a portion of the creative process. Hot and Cold Art adds the audience into its pencil boxes and onto its palettes.

Thank you,

Sean A. Logan

Creationary, Hot and Cold Art