Custom Table under a Table

sold sign

This piece follows the trends here at Hot and Cold Art. It is a piece of artwork, but it is also a functional table (two tables actually). In addition to the tables, the client wanted a cup holder. You will notice in the photos that there are twisted metal bars on the rear legs of the tables. These weights operate a web that will automatically close around and keep in place a cup or bowl of varying sizes.

big table and little table beneath opened drawer on big table

The finish on this piece is also custom. The smaller section has individually laid wooden tiles. There is a mixture of oak, oak veneer, poplar and birch woods. Each piece is individually finished with a special blend of wood finish and coffee. The coffee produces a slightly red tone in the oak and an "antique" or "raw" look on the pine mixes.

larger table smaller table

The metal weights and the cup keeper both have reclaimed materials. If you are interested in artwork that utilizes reclaimed, recycled, and reworked materials see the 2nd Generation Artwork section. If are interested in commissioning a piece of your own, please submit your idea using our Special Order form.

second generation artwork