What we do for you is limited only by imagination.

Variety is the spice of life, so we offer as many spices as possible. Should you not see the pre-bottled item(s) you were looking for, please visit the Special Order form, and we will provide a fresh take on your own creative idea.

water falling

Digital Imaging

Our Digital Work blends techniques and puts a different spin on old and new pieces, including work you may already own.

We have also added our Live Life Series. We hope these creations will inspire you and cause some reflection.


Drawings and Pastels

Ink, pencil, charcoal, and pastel--all are part in creating the lines, shapes, and shading that form our drawings and pastel works.

table under a table


I infuse my fragmented thought patterns into functional yet decorative furniture.

sunset for the sighted sunrise for the blind

Interactive Works

Interactive works are designed to engage the audience. Pieces may move, have texture, have differing temperatures, or giggle. Whatever sensory methodology that is employed, YOU are part of the artistic experience.



Oils or acrylics on canvas, we have a mixture of representational art and conceptual pieces.

humpback calf full breach


Photography may be digital and then professionally printed, but there are some rare black and white darkroom images from my university days.


The tradition of craftsmanship continues with the intertwining of recycled materials and contemporary designs.