Interactive Artwork and Creations

The First Step

sunset for the sighted sunrise for the blindA main purpose of Hot and Cold Art is to create pieces of artwork and educational materials that interact and engage the audience. This achievement of sensory interaction is the origin of the company and its namesake. The patent pending prototype, Sunset for the Sighted, Sunrise for the Blind, works by heating individual areas of the painting to certain temperature ranges in order to convey differing color choices. Areas of intense fire are heated and areas of cooler, watery appearances are at room temperature.

This work was first shown as the only piece by a non-Art major at Saint Louis University in the Spring of 2004. It has since toured various Art Fairs throughout Illinois, including the Eureka Lilac Festival where it was a special featured piece, and in celebration of the anniversary of Talking Book and Braille Service. Take a look at the Shows & Booking area for a more complete list of where and when our creations are available to be seen.

Up & Coming

Sunset for the Sighted, Sunrise for the Blind has made it into its second generation, but this is not the only interactive production from Hot and Cold Art. The next piece is a water work. Coastal in theme, this work has water coming from the surface, sandy textures, artificial sunlight, and a foggy mist.

This work is in the production phase and has not been released for tour.

Future work is in the design phase. Projects include "Hot and Cold Cubes." These pieces will feature cubes of various dimensions and plane designs/coloring. Individual patterns and planes are designed with a Third Generation Temperature Control that will effectively heat and cool the piece.