Emotions Color Study

emotions color study

40" x 30" acrylic on canvas

This work holds a special place in the advancement of a particular style of painting that I have been studying for a while. It is one of the first "action paintings" that I completed (January 2002).

As with much of the other acrylic work that I have done, this "action painting" with an "all-over" drip technique has an obvious Jackson Pollock influential root. Much like Pollock the paint is intended to tell its own story as opposed to an artist telling his or her own tale through a careful selection of tints and x or y axis placements.

Read more about Pollock's influences here.

The action of this work most simply reflects color and motion as emotion.

(By clicking on the colors you will be linked to additional reference material on the meaning and representation behind color. These are meant to give further psychological and philosophical background on the use of color in art.)

  • Green is often paired with the saying of "green with envy." Perhaps there is a minor intention of envy as an emotion or even a deadly sin. Balance has a large affect on many aspects of my life. With every negatively perceived emotion or sin, a tipping of the balance in the direction of virtue or positive positioning is needed. Therein, green can also be recognized as a color of Spring, an essence of rebirth.
  • Blue has similar draws to birth and death. Repeating the fascination I have for water, blue (water) holds within the creation of life (in many philosophies, religions and even in the sciences). Water has also been the source of an untimely demise for many. Whether water has been polluted in devastations of petroleum, or a hurricane reclaims the superiority that was nature's to begin with; water can be equally as threatening as it is giving.
  • Yellow, light, the opposite of the absence of light, dark. Yellow is also a color of the timid, therefore yellow represents the shy birth of emotion into the dark void that can be humanity, and in this case is the darkened void of a background.
  • Red is another mark of representations of birth and death. Through the birth of a large number of animal species there is the red expelled from mother when offspring leaves the womb. Life begins. The same transfer of red is also may also be involved in the tragic end by the taking of life.
      Red is the color of:
    • passion
    • violence
    • purity

All are colors of emotions, or in the very least, colored reminders of the emotions experienced throughout varying stages and revolving cyclical nature that is life and death.

Emotions Color Study
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