40" x 30" acrylic on canvas

This work holds a special place in the advancement of a particular style of painting that I have been studying for a while. It is the first "action painting" that I completed (December 2001).

As with much of the other acrylic work that I have done, this "action painting" with an "all-over" drip technique has an obvious Jackson Pollock influential root. Much like Pollock the paint is intended to tell its own story as opposed to an artist telling his or her own tale through a careful selection of tints and x or y axis placements.

Read more about Pollock's influences here.

Unlike much of my work, especially "action paintings"; there is little emotional change for this work. Instead, there was a physical change. This painting along with the canvases of Emotions / Color Study and another work were originally intended for a different project. The three canvases were my first experiences with paint, as I was more accustomed to working with pastels. Together, all three canvases combined were to display a mural dedicated to cycling.

Cycling has had a very special relationship with my life, and this painting developed alongside that relationship. The floating cyclist hovers mid canvas on the gray background, same as an onlooker would observe a race pass on top the gray color of asphalt. The jersey depicts the first that I owned. No face is pictured in the painting in order to emphasize the speed of a cyclist and the colors of cycling and racing.

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