Layers of Womanhood

Layers of Womanhood

24" x 20" acrylic on canvas

This "action painting" (completed in the Winter 2003/2004) carries the visual influence of Jackson Pollock.

Change can be an important aspect of this style of painting. What does change have to do with the Layers of Womanhood? Furthermore, what do I, as a male, have anything to relate to let alone offer to the insights of being a member of the feminine gender?

The insight is in change. The changes in layers are often seen and can be felt or heard; in the simplest terms, changes in layers can be sensed. If you were to peel back the outer layers of a tree or plant, such as a rose, you would be able to see the layers of cell walls from differing time periods. Some elements of the history of these periods are rough or bent. Other elements of "better" times are smooth and symmetrical.

When discovering the masked objects in the action of this work, look to the left to see a bending rosebud over a heart shape. Together, the two objects represent the ever-growing and ever-wilting of nature (woman). Love has painful thorns in its development. The heart can grow around aspects of that painful thorn the same as cellular walls build during a plant's painful memories.

The heart itself in this work has the similar developmental stages. The heart present here has a special meaning to my own life. One cleft of the heart is more under-developed than the other. This heart has experienced the trauma that is life and continues to try to regenerate to its full potential. Reaching its potential is what every being strives for in existence. The moment of Nirvana removes the masking confusion of paint and the tragedies of life. With the shadowing of an ever-developing partner in the rose, the heart may search its own identity to become its potential.

The two objects of rose and heart form what is the third representation on the right of the canvas, the woman. The shape is almost an inverted tear drop in nature with the lines of the woman's hair crossing the right side of her face. When I mentioned that the rose shadows the heart, I meant not the purposed pairing of woman and partner (whether it be male, female or other being). Finding who you are as a being may not necessarily result from a direct relationship with a partner. However, it is silly to believe that there is no influence. That influence, that shadowing, that assistance in achieving potential comes not only from within your own heart (self) but from the forces of nature (the flowery representation of all the outside world).

The internal nature of woman, man, and of self-discovery develops through the interpretation of the outside factors and with the guidance of the outside world. These interpretations are not always positive. The thorns of an external actor can damage the heart. The miraculous and positive sprinkling of another outside factor or the discovery of meaning within the self over self-reflective re-interpretation of the negatively perceived event will bring healing and development to the layers of self. These layers that are the complexity of heart and of nature and of woman.

Layers of Womanhood
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