Original Colorkey

original colorkey

13.5" x 35" oil on canvas

This painting contains a special intent in its inception and creation (circa March 2004). There is a direct correlation to the interactive work, Sunset for the Sighted, Sunrise for the Blind. As mentioned in the background of the interactive project, each individual color zone of the canvas has a temperature correlation. Original Colorkey was intended as an interpretive guide to the much larger work. In essence, it is the "visual aid" for Sunset for the Sighted, Sunrise for the Blind.

This aid never made it to the premiere of its interactive sibling, and later showings have changed the engineering of our interactive works. Therefore, in an unfortunate case, Original Colorkey has never undergone the engineering that its sibling has. However, it has been prepped for thermal coding and does stand on its own as a painted work of art. Original Colorkey will, in any capacity, have a specific genetic link to Sunset for the Sighted, Sunrise for the Blind which adds to its importance as a piece of art.

Original Colorkey
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