40" x 30" oil on canvas

First impressions may be that of a standard, conceptual oil on canvas piece by the artist. However, unlike the similar in appearance heated work Sunset for the Sighted, Sunrise for the Blind, this work is much more cerebral than my typical creations. The calculated preparation of this piece was exhaustive. Whirlpools was created "in lines" with the principle of the "golden ratio." This principle has distinct connections to history, art, architecture and nature itself.

As I attended a painting studio class we spoke of the different aspects of painting and its history. While I am now paraphrasing the moment--we also spoke of these design aspects in nature's design. The nautilus is a perfectly formed proportional spiral. This painting is meant to follow the spiraling nature of the nautilus and application of the golden ratio in the watery fermentation that is the nautilus's environment.

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