Whispy Azules

"Whispy Blues"

whispy azules

24" x 36" oil on canvas

This painting was the first to be completed outside of a studio setting. I spent some time as a transient roommate of a climbing partner in the U-City Loop of St. Louis. I set up shop on the floor of a brick building that we would climb in our downtime.

Perhaps it was the downtime of part-time work at REI or a sudden Mid-Western downpour, or perhaps something else led to the beginning of this work. The blue tones give a certain melancholy feel to this piece. As a part-time employee and a "guest" of a friend, I did not feel much like I had a belonging. The figure in the center of this painting has no ground to stand on and little of a recognizable face. Being a graduate of a fairly well-known and well-to-do university had left me...well...very poor. This was the first time I felt the necessity to rely on the generosity of others to at least partially survive. There were times were I did not eat unless someone had brought something to work or made an offer of buying dinner.

In spite of the irresolute nature of my current existence, the people I surrounded myself with offered a growing glimmer of hope. Thus a flower appears held up against the rain. The female figure itself had no original model, thus adding another smudge of meaning to the facelessness of the figure. I also chose a female figure in representation of a search of love and companionship. I admire a strong woman in her persistance, drive, care and caress.

Just before I left my life in St. Louis and the support that had started to grow, I met someone that bore a striking resemblance to this admired female and this figure that I had painted. As I set forth on a new journey in search of something else that may grow, the figure also faded into the rainy background.

As a creative personality and especially as a painter, there are generally two conceivable categories in which an artist may belong. There are the cerebral planning types and the emotional stream of consciousness sort. I hope this work's background provides you with a little more incite into the creative mind and heart.

I also have a fondness for well-written material and those that are gifted at their professions. I highly recommend that you see the films Before Sunrise & Before Sunset to add to understanding of the people and circumstances that evolved in the creation of this work.

May good luck and good people follow you in all of your endeavors,

Sean A. Logan

Creationary, Hot and Cold Art

Whispy Azules
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