Bowline Knots

bowline knot 2

bowline knot 3

These are photos of a knot used in rock climbing as well as boating - hence the name "bow" line. Both photographs have individual merit, but you may wish to pair them together into a larger set piece.

bowline knot pair

Please note that the Bowline Knot Pair is an irregular size with both images side-by-side. By DEFAULT the pairing is printed at the same size as the all of our prints, but the Bowline Knot Pair will have extra "blank" space above and below the images themselves. Should you prefer to purchase Bowline Knot Pair as the panoramic view with no "blank" space please use the Special Order Form. Choose the "Print" category and in the Description area put "I want the Bowline Knot Pair as a Panoramic View." We will send you the quote and invoice for this item, so be sure to use a valid email address.

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