Most of the photography we shoot these days is completed through digital SLR. Digital images can be printed on a photo papers or even on canvas.

If you like a particular effect, a water-color appearance or textured look, we can digitally alter any of the images you see here. Alterations can also include color alterations including that of black and white conversions. If you would like an alteration of one of our photos specify the title of the image in the "Description" section of the Special Order Form. If you have an image of your own that you would like altered, specify this in the "Description" section as well. We will contact you on how to submit your image. Thank you!

We also have some rare photographic prints from my days at SLU. The darkroom is a wonderful discipline that renders a classic noir attitude.


humpback whale calf breach names in cement pig head
moon meet morning brand new day volcanic crater


barrels at vineyard pink flower at the alhambra pillars and ceiling 5 at Sagrada Familia


mine window sill gold mill in the snow bluebird in colorado
flying against the plateau spruce up colorado signs




face off


dock lake tahoe sheer cliff near horsetail falls legs and bike racks cloud meet mountain meet lake
dead pine one dead pine two paddlewheel boat lake tahoe live and dead pines at dusk

Rock Climbing

bowline knot 3 climbing rope through quickdraw belaying hands