Additional Services

Creativity does not have to end on a fine art avenue.

Do you have a need for a webpage designer or someone that can manipulate or create images through Photoshop®? We can help with your digitally creative needs.

Webpage Design*

  • Ground-Up Design
  • E-Commerce
    • PayPal® based shopping carts and invoices
    • Form to Email Special Ordering
  • Photo Layouts
  • Hosting Options
  • CSS Based Layouts
  • Certifications in HTML and Dreamweaver

Digital Work - Photoshop®

Looking for a design or designer for your own logos, website buttons, website images, etc? Do you have some old photographs that you need cleaned up? We can help.

We can do anything from complete creation from a blank slate, or we can retouch both digital and paper photos that you may have. Regular photos can also be changed to look like watercolor or oil paintings.

Your imagination is the limit.

Visit the Special Order area to request one of these services.


Jobs are based on individual contract. Timeline to be set at the time of contract approval. Minimum 40% non-refundable retainer to guarantee start of job. Job duties to be set in writing. Addition or subtraction of job duties constitutes renegotiation of job costs. Additional duties require additional payment at time of renegotiation. Subtraction of duties or client cancellation of contract does not constitute any refund of payments.